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The Dark Birthright Saga

Book One (Dark Birthright)

Itís 1619 in Scotland.  A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son.  Dughall grows up in a family bound by honor, becomes a healer, and displays psychic abilities.  His life is torn apart when heís claimed by his real father, a cruel and powerful lord who tries to mold him in his image.  Dughall must define himself, in the midst of a struggle between a Duke, an Earl, and the family who wants him back.  All the while, he's determined to marry the girl he left behind, a woodland lass with eyes as green as a peacock's feather. 

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Book Two (Dark Lord)

Dark Lord opens less than six months later, with your favorite characters.  Set during a time of political and religious strife, it features action, magic, romance, and politics...  Itís 1637 in Scotland.  Dughall is settling into his new role when the King imposes an Anglican liturgy book on the Scottish church.  Protests and riots plague the realm, forcing lords and commoners to take a stand. Dughall and Gilbert are placed in precarious positions, torn between loyalty to the crown, their families, and zealous subjects.  To complicate matters, Dughall claims the sword of Red Conan and inherits the curse that comes with it.  Challenged by real and supernatural enemies, he must fight to continue his line.  Conflicts pit brother against brother and father against son.  The National Covenant is signed and war breaks out.  Tempers run hot and actions are rash.  To maintain order, one brother must take Blackheartís place.  Which raises the questionÖ  Who shall become the Dark Lord?

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Book Three (Dark Destiny)

It's 1648.  The English civil war is over.  The imprisoned King and his lieutenants are in trouble.  Gilbert Gordon is one of them.  What will the Gordon brothers do?  You will meet the next generation - young Maggie, James, Luc, and George.  James' supernatural abilities endanger his father and threaten the peace of the family.  England executes the King and declares itself a Republic, but the Scottish government refuses to follow.  The King's son tries to gain his thrones, starting with Scotland.  Unfortunately, he was given a directive by his father to execute Lord Dughall Gordon.  Scotland is in turmoil.  Battles are fought and fortunes are lost.  What will happen to the Gordons?  Will they abandon Scotland for the British Colonies?

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Author's note: The Dark Birthright Trilogy portrays what life might have been like in 17th century Scotland.  The story contains violence, persecution, adult love relationships, childbirth, and breast feeding.

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What reviewers say...

"Dark Birthright, a novel by Jeanne Treat, is set in northeast Scotland during the early 1600ís. One can almost smell the salty air of the North Sea emanating from its pages as the story of a handsome but evil lord and his determination to dominate his look-alike son unfolds. A good man, the son has powers of his own, of which the lord has no knowledge. While one inflicts pain, the other is a healer. Who shall survive?  The first book in a trilogy featuring the Hay and Gordon clans, Dark Birthright delivers its readers into a world of secrets, mysticism, and the ancient ways of the Celts and their descendants. Exciting and filled with action, danger, and romance, this story will send your heart racing."  -  Carolyn Hale Bruce, co-author of the Rebel King series of books

"Scotland in the year 1619 was a place where healers were hanged as witches, Catholics and Protestants sought to suppress each other, and a child born of unknown parentage is raised by fisher folk as their own son. Young Dughall growing up in a family that emphasized love and morality becomes a healer, displays psychic abilities, and loves a village girl. Then one day a cruel and powerful lord claims Dughall as his son and seeks to mold the talented and conscientious lad into a copy of himself. The first of a planned trilogy, "Dark Birthright" is the fascinating and deftly written story of a young man's struggle amidst the political turmoil, religious strife, and dangerous highland world of 17th century Scotland. Of special note is the descriptive introduction of the fisher folk and villagers that still worship the Goddess despite the risk of being put to death as witches. "Dark Birthright" is particularly recommended for readers with an interest in well-rendered historical fiction."

Midwest Book Review - midwestbookreview.com

"Because of her strenuous research, this book has all the qualifications a historical novel requires to be truly head and shoulders above the rest of
the genre, and you will simply love the fast paced action, the facts about
the time period and the location, as well as the language that simply seems to flow from Mrs. Treat's pen. This book is highly recommended!"

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What the Clans say...

"Once I started, I could not put it down. It has many different facets, not only the history but also legend, myth, and a touch of ancient Celtic beliefs, characters that really seem to be from that period, family intrigues and the mystery of how the relationships developed to create the personalities of the principal characters. I actually felt anger, sympathy, and several other emotions as I got to know the characters. There is sadness or cheerfulness at the events and emotions whenever certain characters enter the scene again Ė some of those happy and some a bit sad. One really becomes a part of this book quickly and it is a very good read! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to visit and be a part of Scotland in the early seventeenth century." - Becky Dodge, for "The Urlar, magazine of the Clan MacPherson Association.

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What readers say...

"I just finished Dark Lord last night.  What a ride !!!  I wanted to make it last a little longer but it was not that easy.  So enjoyable, I truly loved it.  Canít wait until the final chapter.  Will do a re-read of both books later this year to prepare myself.  I am thrilled to have found you and your stories.  Thank you so much." - Barbara Robinson, a Diana Gabaldon fan

"I just completed Dark Lord.  I didn't think it could get any better than Dark Birthright but the Saga continues.  I cannot wait for the third book.  Thank you for writing the books.  - Shand C. Wentworth

"I liked Dark Birthright, but I LOVED Dark Lord.  I think the way you handled the complicated history of the times is brilliant." - Debra Barry

"Dark Birthright is an amazing read. For me Blackheart was the best damn character, a cruel and powerful man who saw what he wanted and took it.....with style!  As I ventured further into the book, I found myself submerged deep in Scotlandís mysterious past, a past wrought with witchcraft, romance, desire and violence and I must admit I loved every minute of it!  Having a reasonably good knowledge of historical places and events in Scotlandís past, I do believe that Dark Birthright gives the reader an insight into what 17th century Scotland would have been like."
Jamesie Johnston of Albannach, a Scottish tribal drumming band

"What a fantastic book!  I used to devour books - and just stopped reading twelve years ago.  Until I found Dark Birthright!  What a book!  Thank you so much for leading me back to the joy of reading." - Donna M., Baraga, MI

"I just wanted to drop a line and say that I found your book, Dark Birthright, to be amazing and thoroughly enjoyable. I loved the reference to the old ways as well as the effect that Christianity had on 17th century Scotland.  I found the characters contained a depth that I could relate to as well as empathize with. The descriptions of the locations were so vivid that I found myself picturing the roughness of the stone and even the smell of the heather. It brought back images of my trips to Scotland. A place that is very dear to my heart.  Your writing style pulls one into the story and makes the following to completion a necessity.  Bravo, and I look forward to the sequel." -  David G. MacKenzie

"The excerpt on the book's website hooked me immediately.  Now I am hooked on Jeanne Treat.  It has been weeks since I read this book and I am still thinking and wondering about the characters and their lives.  Dark Birthright was enthralling!  I know it's fiction but it was so real to me.  This book is not just words on a page; you are there.  You feel all the sensory stimuli and the whole gamut of emotions.  The sketches of the characters are the icing on the cake.  It takes you back to a time when life was simpler but much harsher.  When holistic medicine was a way of  life, not a treatment choice.  When you could be executed for your beliefs.  When ESP was gift to be used wisely, not a joke.  When government or authorities were the wealthy landowners, not elected officials.  What a treat to see love and fidelity between a man and a woman; parent and child and the great value and respect given to elders.  I would love to see this book become a movie.  Johnny Depp would be a great Earl of Huntly.  Hope the second book is at the publisher's already." -  Carolyn aka The Cool C, Western New York




"My husband and I met you at the New Hampshire Highland Games and received an autographed copy of Dark Birthright from you.  We have both read the book twice and we have to tell you it was incredible!  It is one of the best books we have ever read.  We just had to write and ask you if there will be another book similar to this or even a sequel...  What about a movie?  I can actually visualize certain actors playing the parts.  Now that would be awesome." - Cindy from Lowell, MA

"Dark Birthright, set in 17th century Scotland, will indulge fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and their interests in historical fiction. Jeanne Treat creates captivating illusions of benevolence, ruthlessness, and devotion, entwined within the hands of fate in this truly intriguing tale."  -  Shannon Curtis, member of the Ladies of Lallybroch, a Diana Gabaldon fan 

"We dearly loved the book and are looking forward to your next book in the series.  On behalf  of me, my mother and  my sister, we would like to make a request and ask you to PLEASE write more of the same types of books!  Thank you for the photos of Scotland!" - Lisa McNutt from Keithville, LA     

"On the rocky coast of Scotland, an epic story unfolds.  Dark Birthright delivers a heart-rending tale of love and survival amidst the greatest odds.  Wonderful...Inspirational...Unforgettable."  -  Linda A. Lavid, author of Paloma, Rented Rooms, and Thirst 

Jeanne supports the troops through a program called "Books for Soldiers".  She recently heard from one of them:  "Thanks for the books. They were very much appreciated by the company.  We have a lot of readers in the group so good reading material was just as the doctor ordered. They love the plot and story line because it brought them from this place to another time. Every chance to leave here even mentally is always great. Once again thanks for your support of the troops and our missions in Iraq and Afghanistan." - Ernesto

"I received Dark Birthright on Friday and finished it Monday morning. I could not put it down. The story was beautiful and thrilling. The characters were wonderful. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. I am anticipating the sequel next year.  I have already loaned the book to my mom to read." - Teresa Carpenter

"I am almost done with the book and am starting to talk like a Scot.  I pick up/mimic accents and languages within minutes of meeting people, but I never had it happen from a book.  I love the word blootered."  -  Diana 

"This book had me captivated from the start! I could not wait to find out how things would play out. I loved how I could get to know each character separately. Now I can't wait for the next book!"  -  Robin S.

"I was in awe over this book. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. The author makes you feel like you are right there living in seventeenth century Scotland with these characters. The descriptions of the people and their daily lives in the cottages, castles, seascapes and woods makes your senses come alive. I became connected with these people. I laughed, I cried, I felt angry at times and I felt a lot of sensual passion. I can't wait for the next book to come out in this trilogy. This is one fantastic book."  -  Heidi S., a Diana Gabaldon fan

"Although I read a lot, some books just can't hold my attention or they become a chore to finish. Dark Birthright is not one of those books! From the minute I started reading it I didn't want to stop. The imagery was vivid, yet it didn't slow me down. I could see the small fishing boats, smell the salt air, hear the whispers, and feel the chill in the air. I fell in love with (some of) the characters and felt like I was living among them. Reading the book evoked a lot of different emotions and I found my heart pounding during some of the scenes. This book is exciting, fast paced, mysterious, and ends with you wanting more. I highly recommend this book."  -  Thomas C.

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